Cascade Shirts is the flagship brand and brainchild of Mount Commercials.

We believe every small detail matters and this is exactly how we have constantly been improving over the last 30+ years.


The word Cascade means a small waterfall that flows, something that constantly improves and grows.  As the name suggests, from humble origins we have come a long way constantly growing and improving both in terms of our product quality and our service to numerous clients who are part of the extended family all over Tamilnadu & Kerala, and now we are expanding and envisioning a bigger dream to bring beautifully designed and great quality shirts inspired by nature to India & the world.


Our journey began with our rich understanding and heritage in the traditional textile industry and drawing from this deep knowledge, we decided to venture into ready-made garments in 1991. At that time, it was a risky & challenging move, we had to learn everything from experience but it turned out to be one of the best decisions we have made, to adapt the latest cutting-edge technology and combined it with our deep values of human relationships and customer service, we have built trust, credibility & reliability for the brand Cascade.


Today, Mount Commercials has exponentially expanded to cater to different segments in the market. Our products are on display in over 300 Multi-brand-outlets all over South India with millions of end-users and growing strong. The bedrock to our success is quality as we always believe and say to ourselves “Every small detail matters”.  Quality at every stage of the process from procuring the best fabrics from the leading mills in India, to the thread that’s procured to make some of the finest quality shirts. Every thread, every weave, every stitch reflects our state-of-the-art production facilities set up with cutting-edge technology, equipment, and a rigorous quality control process, always making sure our valued customers get nothing but the best.


Our aspiration for quality does not just end with the materials or the technology we use but it also extends to our decades of experience, solving numerous problems to improve the quality in the drive to produce some of the finest shirts. This won’t be possible without the shared passion of our trained and highly skilled workforce and well-organized work environment. We are indeed proud to follow the quality norms of ISO:9002 with bright and ventilated work areas & a beautifully lush garden. Our strive for perfection and making sure every detail matters, both internally and externally is what we believe makes us a cut above the rest.